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Siegfried (Ziggy) Möglich

Associate JR Cape AssociatesSan Francisco Office
Office Address San José USA Cell Phone: +1 669 292 54 75
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Siegfried “Ziggy” Möglich (USA) is Associate of JR Cape and responsible for the San Francisco / San José office. As an engineer for mechanical engineering, he worked internationally for many years as a project manager and CEO in the semiconductor industry. The associated team responsibility and his extensive experience in international project management led him to establish his own consulting practice; after obtaining his Degree in Social Psychology he has been working as consultant and coach for executives and project managers for more than 20 years. Through this work, he has also gained in-depth international experience in the selection and long-term deployment of senior executives. Many hundreds of executives and project managers have used Ziggy’s individual coaching or attended his seminars over the years.

Ziggy works internationally in Germany, USA, China, Russia, India and other countries. He lives in San Francisco / San José and in Munich. His focus lies in Executive Coaching and Training.

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